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Tathra sits like a sapphire amongst the green and blue hues of National Parks and Nature Reserves with Mimosa National Park to the North and Bournda National Park to the South. Discover pristine beaches, inlets, walking trails and historic sites of interest.

National Parks and Wildlife Service

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To the north of Tathra, over the bridge of the Bega River, you can explore Mimosa Rocks National Park. The Park covers 20kms of coastline and has show-stopping headland views, secluded beaches and lagoons for swimming, surfing and kayaking. Explore the sea caves and cliffs. Enjoy the song of the rainforests and the ever-changing faces of the rock faces and cliffs a the sun moves across the sky. The Park is a natural wonder and a photographer’s dream.

Camping on headlands and in among the bush is a favourite of both locals and visitors. There is a range of campgrounds to choose from, including sites with motorhome and camper trailer access.

The park takes its name from the Paddle Steamer Mimosa that wrecked in 1863 after running onto rocks at the northern end of the park. The rocks of Mimosa have distinctive castle-like features that are the result of intricate folds, faults and intrusions occurring in the rock. For a view you’ll never forget, head to Bunga Head for sunrise, the rocks look magnificent backed by the pinks of the early morning sky.

You’ll also find plenty of opportunities for fishing, surfing, snorkelling and birdwatching throughout the park and there are great picnic areas to stop for a break. The park’s headlands are great vantage points for whale watching in winter.

It’s a great place to escape to for the day or a week.

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The rugged cliffs and boulder bays of the coastline of Bournda National Park is in contrast with the sweeping white sands of its beaches to the north and south. A natural playground on the Far South Coast, Bournda National Park is packed with options to entice explorers of all ages. A drive along Sapphire Coast Drive, turn left to Wallagoot Lake and wander down to Wine Glass Bay and spend the afternoon picnicking by the beach. Discover secluded beaches and spectacular cliffs along the rugged coastline on the Kangarutha walking track which starts in Kianinny Bay in Tathra. In June/July and again in October/November, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a passing whale as you walk the track.

Wallagoot Lake in the heart of Bournda is a mecca for sailing and waterskiing. If the winds up then raise the sails and set of. On a calm day launch your boat and indulge in some waterskiing on the glassy waters. The waterways of Bournda offer fantastic fishing, prawning and birdwatching opportunities too. And when you have finished all that there is still another day to scour the nearby coastline and Bondi Lake on short walking tracks, or head off to explore on your bike.

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